Partners Village

The Jumping International of La Baule keeps putting the spotlight on our partners in a totally transformed place located near the lodges, the Partners Village reserves you surprises of high standing.

This area is exclusively dedicated to the luxury brands present at the Jumping International of La Baule.

A refined place to develop a corporate communication, where partners, athletes and horse owners meet.

A tremendous opportunity to combine the values ​​of your brand with the elegance of equestrian sports.

The Bar à Champagne run by Edouard Set, offers a varied menu and allows you to have a drink with your guests.  It will give rhythm to the parties, thanks the DJ of the unmissable Bax, hot spot of the La Baule nights …

Partners of  the Village

From our workshop in Saintes – Charente Maritime, where the most skilled and passionate saddle makers craft high performance saddles, we equip riders from all around the world.

We export products of the highest quality and are proud to represent France as a company labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant.”

We welcome visitors to our workshop (by appointment) as we love sharing our passion!

The company Back on Track manufactures joint and muscle protection, which are manufactured from a “ceramic textile” which is sold under the registered brand name Back on Track.

The textile is made up of fibres of polyester and polypropylene (some of the products are mixed with cotton fibres) with a ceramic powder fused into the fibres. The ceramic gives the fabric its unique property, which reflects body heat in the form of infrared heat radiation.

The production takes place in our own factories in China and each time a new batch of ceramic textile is manufactured an independent university laboratory measures the level of reflected heat and it’s wavelength. In this way we can ensure consistency in quality and efficiency.

The head office is based in Uppsala, Sweden. There are subsidiaries in Germany, England, Finland, Canada, France. Sales are made through retailers all over Sweden and in Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, Iceland, Hungary, Malta, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iran, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. New dealers are added all the time, in Sweden and around the world.

The perfect blend between a Great wine of Bordeaux and the passion of horses


Historical domain situated in the prestigious Pessac-Léognan Appellation, Château de Rouillac belonged to the famous Baron Haussmann who acquires the domain in 1864. He orders numerous works and associates horses with


the history of Rouillac, by building very beautiful stables.

In 2009, when Laurent Cisneros crossed the property, he fell under the spell of this beautiful sleepy and decided to seal his family’s fate to Rouillac.

Man of commitment and accomplished leader, he invests in this new challenge thr


ough a real new lifestyle which gathers in particular the wine and the horses which are raised and worked at the heart of the property with the same passion.

With his elder daughter Melanie, they share together sport and emotions in the competitions of show jumping. Partners of the International Jumping of La Baule for three years, Laurent and Melanie Cisneros have the pleasure to participate in the “CSI Amateur”. They will be happy also to welcome you to discover the history of the domain and the Great wines of Château de Rouillac !

CWD is a high range saddle maker dedicated to the rider’s sporting performances. Today the world champions ride with a CWD saddle. If you look at the 250 best world riders, 86 out of them have a saddle and accessories from CWD.

We owe this success to our politics of innovation and investments in all fields: research and development, savoir-faire, customer relationship, training.

And it is thanks to its innovation policy that CWD is today the brand for innovative and smart products, perfectly adapted to the competitive requirements. This is evidenced by the creation of a connected saddle : the iJump. Technology at its best inside a saddle to offer the best training ever for both horse and rider. The iOt revolution is on !

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Passion, authenticity, technicality

Since 1985 EQUITHÈME reshapes the Equestrian World through Fashion.

EQUITHÈME designs fetching collections for riders and their horses featuring a subtle combination of technicity and comfort. Whatever your discipline, our wide ranges of tack and clothing take all your daily concerns into account.

Our brand signature “Powered by Passion” is our engagement to riders and their horses

Photographie Eric KNOLL. Collection Flex-On 2017

The story of Flex-on begins with a special encounter between Caroline (passionate rider) and Laurent (working in the aircraft industry and in a design office). Considering the fact that all micro waves of shocks might cause joint pain to the rider, they have had the idea of launching a new custom product combining both technicality and design sophistication.

The brand now offers a range of high-quality “Made in France” stirrups equipped with a shock-absorbing technology.

Beyond the technical aspect, Flex-on provides a unique concept of customization and the possibility to imagine and custom your own stirrups among thousands of combinations (choice of the color of frame, footbed, shock absorbers…)
Last but not least, Flex-on also counts on the Eper-on: a revolutionary spur that allow you to switch the end at any time and prevent from any kind of pain or discomfort usually caused by the strap.

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At the beginning of the 80s, the Fondant Baulois comes out of the oven of a little pastry shop, in the center of La Baule.

Prepared exclusively with simple and natural ingredients (cocoa, fresh eggs, butter with local sea salt, flour and cane sugar), its texture and delicately caramelized flavor quickly settle the Fondant Baulois as the local gourmet speciality.

Our secretly kept recipe and artisanal methods have remained unchanged since 1981. The ”authentique” Fondant Baulois has become an essential part of La Baule’s lifestyle, that every traveler can bring back home to savour and share.


labaule©mariesapin GPA

GPA the french helmet at CSIO de France !

GPA is the only brand to manufacture all its helmets in France!

We have 54 years of experience in motorsports and we created the first certified horse-riding helmets 20 years ago in 1998.

Our workshop is located in the south of France and our specialties are safety, innovation, carbon helmets and customizations!

We have 11 models of different helmets available in several colors!

Our team present in the Partner Village of La Baule International Jumping is trained on the safety, standards and specificities that the practice of our sport require!

They are at your disposal to receive you and help you in the best choice of your helmet ensuring you maximum security combining comfort and aesthetics!

Come and discover the new Global-Concept line, the result of the latest GPA research, offering enhanced cephalic protection thanks to our revolutionary new technologies!

As the best riders in the world, choose the French know-how!

Horseware was founded in 1985 in Dundalk, Ireland, by Tom and Carol MacGuinness. After months of research and hand stitching the prototype of the now iconic Rambo Original was born, setting the standard for modern rug design. Today, Horseware is the global leader in equestrian products, with a growing range of innovative, practical and design-led products for horses, riders and pets.

All of Horseware’s products are designed and developed in Dundalk, Ireland. Their Rambo turnouts are still manufactured in Dundalk where they employ 125 people. 250 people are employed Horseware’s two factories in China, 80 in Cambodia and 36 in the USA.

Horseware believes that ‘because we create, we innovate’ and through innovation aim to make a tangible difference to the lives of you, your horses, and your pets.

5000 years ago, in the Bronze Age, following a geological upheaval, a beautiful forest of oaks was swallowed by Brière peat. Imprisoned in this natural sarcophagus, the trunks were mineralized, loaded with silica and preserved. This wood of great nobility which has crossed the ages is called Morta.

Photo pour site internet Village Vip

It is in the heart of Brière marshes that Atelier JHP creates a complete range of Morta knives. Cut for everyday adventures, the knife offers a whole range of variants: Rough forge blade, damask, stainless steel … It will be noticed in table service and proves to be a faithful companion housed in a pocket. Some models are even adorned with fossil mammoth ivory …

Much more than a knife, it’s a Morta!

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« What began 40 years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style. Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream. We were the innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle. takes this participation to a new level as a rich and exciting interactive destination. When you’re transported into the world of Ralph Lauren online, you can shop for great products for yourself and your home, learn about adventure, style and culture in RL Magazine and on RL TV, find one-of-a-kind vintage pieces and exquisite gifts and much, much more. Back when all this started, I felt sure that there were no boundaries. I’m even more sure of that today »

Located in Le Carré d’or de La Baule, Facing the Hôtel Royal Barrière,

Fashion House : Sportswear et Urbain

Official distributor POLO RALPH LAUREN

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SILVER*CROWN, the  exclusive french brand of bridles and horsewear.

So Horse tack shop story started in Auray in Olivia family stables. A few kilometers away from Morbihan beaches, the Proust family, passionates about horse and equestrian sports, made the choice, 3 years ago, to take the leap and to open a family and friendly tack shop, in a cosy and casual vibe, far way from the usual cold and commercial atmosphere.

In her over 4000 m2 shop, hand made wood and steel furnitures highlight the greatest equestrian brands. Samshield, Oscar et Gabrielle, Rectiligne, Kingsland, Pikeur, Animo, Paddock Sport, Alfa Jump and Equigold occupies there a key place for both riders and horses. Around the coffee machine or seated in one of the comfy armchair in front of the wood burning stove, it is the best meeting place for all the horse lovers to talk over equestrian sport.

At So horse tack shop, riders, horse owners and breeders meet each other around the same leitmotiv « A horse rider can be recognized by his car interior. You’ll find there, boots, mud, horse candies, wisps of straw and of course tack shop stuff ».

La maroquinerie noble, créative et ingénieuse

C’est au cours d’un voyage, qu’Anne Puissant, la créatrice de TUSSOR, découvre dans l’entrepôt d’un marchand de cuir, un lot de bâches provenant de l’armée suisse et datant des années 1940. Utilisée autrefois pour protéger les chevaux de garnison cette toile de chanvre, naturelle et noble, lui inspire en 2011 sa première collection de sacs.  Aussi de nombreux détails de bouclerie, anses et sangles sont puisés dans  l’univers équestre comme autant de clins d’oeil qui     apportent un chic tout particulier aux modèles TUSSOR.

Ingénieux , élégants, et intemporels, les sacs et accessoires TUSSOR s’adressent à une clientèle addict de belles matières et d’authenticité, sensible au savoir faire-artisanal et soucieuse de qualité.

Anne Puissant sélectionne ses peaux de cuir avec exigence. Souvent naturel, le cuir va se patiner dans le temps et embellir de cette patine.

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