The FFE – Generali class was a qualifier for the Grand Prix Longines of the city of La Baule that twill start at 2.00 pm this Friday 18th May.

Simon Delestre (FRA) et Sultan de Beaufour

The course, designed by Frédéric Cottier, course designer and sport director of the Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup of France – La Baule, caused its share of penalties, especially in the triple combination at the end of the course. Only seven pairs managed to clear within time allowed, among which Simon Delestre (FRA) who won the class with Sultan de Beaufour.
Five pairs, among which the French Patrice Delaveau associated to Aquila HDC, did not push a single rail down, but has been trapped by the time and came out of the arena with one time penalty point.
Whether they were successful or not in that class, the consequences were not the same for all of them. Only 50 pairs will enter the Grand Prix Longines of the city of La Baule, and 41 of them were automatically qualified (the 40 riders of the teams taking part in the Nations Cup, plus Peder Fredricson). There was only 9 places available.

Six withdrawals

After the FFE – Generali class, six among the automatically qualified riders (the Brazilian Pedro Junqueira Muylaert winner in 2017 with Prince Royal Z MFS, the Canadians Jaclyn Duff, François Lamontagne and Chris Pratt, the German Holger Hetzel and the irish Paul Kennedy) informed the Jury they would not enter the Grand Prix Longines of the city of La Baule. This decision allowed René Lopez (COL), Emeric George (FRA), Roger Yves Bost (FRA), William Whitaker (GBR), Federico Fernandez (MEX), Gerardo Pasquel Mendez (MEX) to join the riders previously registered: Alexandra Francart (FRA), Aldrick Cheronnet (FRA), Max Thirouin (FRA), Julien Epaillard (FRA), Philippe Rozier (FRA), Alexandra Paillot (FRA), Kent Farrington (USA), Thierry Rozier (FRA) and Gudrun Patteet (BEL).