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La Baule between land and sea…


La Baule is much more than a coastal resort, next to the Atlantic Ocean where one would just come to spend a few days holiday. It’s most of all a place teeming with life.
La Baule is full of souvenirs, envies and desires. It’s a cocktail of emotions and sensations, colours and flavours giving away to hikes where the mind wanders through little streets at the foot of opulent villas and their gardens shadowed by pinewood. The ocean whispers are never too far away.
Developed and driven by François André, uncle of Lucien Barrière and true inventor of modern tourism, La Baule, was born at the end of the nineteenth century, and has since gone through history and still keeping that charming and unique atmosphere.
La Baule is obviously symbol of the sea which entails sailing. With exceptional installations, a 5 and a half mile beach, it’s a paradise for joggers who make the most of the sunrise and sunset. The latest type of sailing to make an appearance has been as kitesurf and each year more and more people come to this ideal spot for great sensations. Traditional sailing still has its place amongst the most famous Regatta’s of which is Gavottes Trophee   (August) organised by the Yacht Club, set by the Pouliguen Harbour with a perfect view over the entire bay.


Since 2012, the bay of La Baule has entered the restricted circle of the most beautiful bays of the planet according to World Bays, an association created 15 years ago that gathers 36 of the most exceptional and magnificent bays of the world. A drastic selection based on strict criteria such as the variety of the flora and fauna, the development of economic activities, and the proximity of remarkable and attractive natural habitats…
La Baule is also a town where sport has its rightful throne. It’s impossible not to notice as the calendar is full of multiple events all along the year. Among the oldest and most  popular is the triathlon of La Baule which has become over the years a famous meeting place for the elite of the discipline but also sport fanatics sure to find in these combined events all necessary conditions to guarantee maximum fun. The triathlon Audencia of La Baule (September) is just an example amongst many other such as tennis, golf …

La Baule is about culture too, expositions, book club meetings, as well as the  music festival (July), a vehicle exposition followed by a prestige evening & the cinema festival (September)…
La Baule is finally a region. No need to wonder too far to appreciate the beautiful countryside by horseback, by cycling or by foot through hidden pathways between land and ocean.

There is  also the famous wild coast, the peninsular of Guérande, beloved city of the Dukes of Brittany. The salt marshes of the so called the White Country, with thousands of mirrors of water reflecting the work of 250 salt cultivators called « Paludiers» who harvest each year 12 000 tons of salt. With so much so see and do, La Baule will leave you with a lasting magical memory of discovery and adventure.

This is La Baule, a mind blowing breath of inspiration.


Tourism Office of La Baule : 8, place de la victoire – BP 161 – 44504 La Baule Cx – Tel. +33 (0)2 40 24 34 44 –

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